Embossing Sheets - Inspiration Gallery

We have a lot of fun with our custom laser engraved plastic sheets, and so will you! Check out some of the projects we've done with them!

Our sheets are extremely versatile; you can impart texture on many materials including precious & base metal clays, polymers, cardstock & even paper run through a Sizzix Machine for cool letterpress effects! Since these are made of plastic, they have excellent releasing quality & durability. They are also cutable, so you can create custom geometric designs with them easily.    


Renee Wiggins Deisgin hollow beads with embossed bead caps

Hollow beads capped with 24 gauge copper embossed with our "Pillowtop", "Random Cellular"
and "Mokume 1" textures. Beads are made by Renee Wiggins Design.




Bead cap detail from the yellow and
pink bead above.

Pattern used: "Mokume1" for both disks.





Bead cap set detail.

Pattern used: "Aztec Circles" in red, and
"Random Cellular" in green.







24 gauge sterling silver bead caps made with embossing sheet patterns "Moroccan 1" (left), and "Nouveau Pods" (right) rolled in a rolling mill.

Beads are made by Renee Wiggins Design.







Purple Lily Designs





A gorgeous pair of earrings called
"Treaded Mehndi" by Joanne Ortiz of
The Purple Lily Designs featuring our Moroccan1 pattern on copper.

Visit more of Joanne's amazing work in her
Etsy store:







Renee Wiggins Design gold fumed hollow bead

Bead Caps on a gold fumed hollow bead.

Patterns used: "Moroccan 1" (top) & "Batik - Afrikan" (bottom). Bead by Renee Wiggins Design



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