JetAge Studio Paper thin Embossing sheet textures for rolling mill and claysEmbossing Sheets

JetAge Studio hopes to change your creative world by giving you versatile TEXTURE!

Our paper thin plastic, custom laser engraved sheets are ideal for embossing intricate designs on sheet metal using a rolling mill or for use with other creative materials such as metal & polymer clays. We've tested our sheets extensively with jewelers rolling mills to press patterns onto 22 and 24 gauge metal sheet, & the results are stunning!


We recommend testing impressions on sheet copper before moving onto more precious metals to get a feel for how the sheets work with your mill. To use our sheets, simply cut your metal to size of the entire embossing sheet (if your metal is smaller than the sheet, it could leave hard edge lines in the pattern from the rolling process - not so good for the pattern!), anneal well to a glowing dark orange-red, then sandwich the embossing sheet face down to the metal & slip between a folded manila envelope & cut to size to fit the embossing sheet & metal stack. Place one edge of the sandwiched metal & sheet against the fold in the manila envelope & use that edge for your start point to the rolling mill. This helps to keep the design from slipping around. Set your rolling mill to a snug fit on the pressure, & crank through the machine with even speed. If you find your impression is too light, adjust your settings to a snugger fit, & give it another go. You want the machine to give some resistance to get the best impression. More pressure on the rolls means the pattern will be deeper and crisper. Copper sheet is a soft metal that takes our textures very well. ***You may find other metals such as brass or sterling silver are a little stiffer, so adjust your pressure accordingly; you may want to increase the pressure just a wee bit more than your copper tests.

IMPORTANT: Each sheet is created using polyester plastic which renders a very durable product. However, our sheets are not indestructible! Our sheets will warp under extreme pressure, as would alternative texturing materials, & can permanently damage them. Depending on use, expect to be able to use our sheets up to four or more passes in a rolling mill & still see great results provided the pressure on the stacked sheets is not excessive. It's typical to experience a little curling of the sheet itself with use, but it will still function the same.

USING OUR SHEETS WITH OTHER MATERIALS: Our sheets are extremely versatile; you can impart texture on many materials including precious & base metal clays, polymers, cardstock & even paper run through a Sizzix Machine for cool letterpress effects! Try inking them up to add color to your paper impressions! Since these are made of plastic, they have excellent releasing quality & durability. Clean up is easy on the sheets too; simply rinse with soap and water. If using metal or polymer clays, these sheets should last you indefinitely! Sheets are also cuttable, so you can create custom geometric designs with them easily. Get creative, and have fun!

To download this tutorial in PDF form, please visit our tutorials page here