Custom 104 coe Murrini Blends, Special Effect & Single Colors for Lampworking

Here you'll find the current selection of our constantly changing, custom short run millifiori murrini, as well as our single & special effect color packs . "Short run" mean these blends are in limited supply, and are available while supplies last, so get them while you can! Our "special effect" colors often contain silver-rich reactive glasses or other specialty glasses in combinations you won't find anywhere else.

All of the colors in this section are 104 coe, and each pack has at least 20 chips (unless otherwise specified). Average size of chips are 3-6mm.

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"Desert Rose"
A gorgeous blend of rose tones, coral oranges & deep reds with accents of purple. 25 chip packs.

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"Sky Daisies"
A fun blend of navy & dark teal blues coupled with complimenting yellow ochres & creamy yellow opal tones. Great for Spring! 25 chip packs.

per pack


Give some fun flair to your patriotic or Super Hero themed beads with these sweet little red-white-and-blue star burst murrini! Now on sale!

per pack

"Goldrush" - Sspecial effect murrini uses a unique silver rich glass that shines gold when lightly reduced.

per packet

To achieve the bright gold shine (for both Goldrush & Russet Goldrush), after melting in, expose it to a light reduction flame (about 1/2" to 1" size candles). It will luster up quickly with a few bounces in this flame. Continue to develop the metallic sheen to the intensity you want by repeating the steps. Work cool to maximize the luster.


"Russet Goldrush" is just like our original Goldrush special effect murrini, only it is darker and is accented with tones of coppery red. Work the same way you would as the original.

per packet

"Silver" rich special effect blend offers some of the many silver rich glasses out today, and has a minimum of 4 different color combos. This blend may change from batch to batch, but usually has a teal, green, purple or blue dominant chip. Follow the same instructions as our "Goldrush" murrini to maximize
the metallic shine of these chips.

per pack

"Mojo Raku" is a neat special effect murrini that features Raku on the outside, & multiple layers of black & light blue on the inside. Not your ordinary Raku murrini, this one is a bit different in how it was made so it produces great striations. Super heating
is not needed, but experiment for your "look"!

per pack


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